US TikToker have crazy long thumb video went Viral

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US TikToker have crazy long thumb

TikTok is become most downloaded app after Instagram.Tiktok is basically a app where you can make small videos about 15 secs with tons of filter and transitions and effects.

There is a lot of genre in Tiktok like funny, motivational, cringe, pranks and lips syncs, etc.

Nowadays a lot of users becomes starts overnight because their video went viral on social media there are different.

Similarly, a video went viral of a US Tiktoker who have a crazy long thumb, and his name is Jacob.

Jacob has 5 inch long thumb on his right hand when he uploaded his big thumb video on tiktock it went viral. he get some crazy response.

Some of his videos

longest thumb you ever see

5-inch long thumb using iPhone

his viewers get surprise he get mixed replies from his fans that it is not possible, its fake one, that’s not thumb that’s sword.

Jacob is 20 years old and have wired large thumb but he said he “feel great” for his thumb because it makes him different from rest of the world.

comment down below whats your opinion on this.


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