Maharashtra Floods:Watch Heart-warming Video of Female touching Military Person’s Feet to Show gratitude

A recently videoclip that has been gone viral, shows a woman from Maharashtra touching feet of Military man to show her gratitude. The video has flooded Twitter feeling all kinds of emotional gesture.


Viral video shows a woman from Maharashtra touching feet of Military man to show her gratitude. Maharashtra is among those countries that’s been favorably influenced by the monsoon, developing flooding. Sangli Western Maharashtra could be your location which continues to be influenced the most from the storms.

Rescue groups are working tirelessly to aid people caught in Sangli. And, the individuals of Sangli are actually enjoying all of the assistance furnished.

We came across a heartwarming video that’s clearly a testimony of that which we only claimed. Journalist,” Neeraj Rajput, chose into his Twitter accounts to discuss with a movie which has been captioned,”Heart-warming movie in #sangli in which a girl chooses by touching troops’ toes for bettering them

The video Indicates a woman dressed at an saree plus Also a purple Blouse Sitting at an aid ship which has been carrying the public to your secure location.

Even though To the ship, the lady touched on the foot of a military male who was simply standing directly close to her at a ode to demonstrate her admiration for several of the assistance. She subsequently touched on the toes of still another military officer sitting about the other corner of this ship.

By the Close of the movie, she could Be Observed Becoming upward having combined hands persuading everybody as she picked her up belongings which ended up wrapped in a huge polythene bag.

Her action of admiration has now made Twitter sense all types of emotion. Take a peek.

United we Stand Divied we Fall,Jai Hindi,Vande matram,Bharat mata ki jai.


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